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One of the most unique and fun team building activity ideas for any office group in New York, a live murder mystery event builds team member relationships in a way that's both effective and entertaining.

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Killer Party Planning Tips for First-Time Murder Mystery Hosts

Planning your murder mystery party will be completely stress free, so there’s nothing stopping you from going all-out with an interactive comedic caper that will thrill your guests from beginning to end. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, holiday event, team building event, or fundraiser, you’ve chosen a killer way to celebrate.

Once you decide to throw a murder mystery party, you’re in for a thrilling ride. First, pick a theme that works best for your occasion and your group of guests. We have plenty of exciting themed shows to choose from, and all of them are guaranteed to get your guests out of their seats and moving to figure out whodunnit before the night is over. From magic show mishaps to a deadly game at a party for billionaires, there are tons of surprises in store within each mystery party theme.

Your crime scene actors will arrive with everything needed to solve the case, so once you reserve your date, you’re ready to relax and anticipate the excitement that comes along with cracking the case. Your murder mystery party will give everyone the opportunity to think like a detective and investigate the comedic caper your actors will set in motion. The best part? Your guests can get in on the action by becoming suspects in the mystery!

Solving the case will only be possible if everyone works together. Pool your investigative skills to question suspects, determine where the clues are pointing you, and follow up on all your leads. When you’re both the detectives and the suspects, you’re in for a high-stakes game that your guests will be talking about long after the party ends.

This unique, interactive experience is great for any crowd and any kind of party. Every event could use more action and excitement, and what better way to make it happen than to see if your guests can decode clues and see through the strategic masks the suspects place over their true intentions and feelings? A murder mystery party is an excellent bonding experience that your guests will be so glad you thought of hosting.

Planning a team building day? A mystery party is the perfect way to get your employees working together without it having that familiar “work event” vibe. This interactive mystery party will have everyone in the office honing their communication skills, cooperating, and solving problems together while trying to put together pieces of a puzzling case. We’re not saying it will be like you’re tricking your employees into working cooperatively, but we are saying they’re going to love it!

A birthday party is another wonderful occasion to host a mystery party for, especially if the honoree is an armchair detective or is obsessed with crime dramas! Imagine how excited they’ll be to receive their very own crime scene for their birthday! They could be the sleuth who solves it all, or they could be the shadiest suspect around. Either way, the memories of their mystery party will be totally killer.

Holiday parties are no exception to the rule that a mystery party is perfect for any event. Your friends and family will all be gathered for a festive soiree, so give them some merry mayhem to enjoy during the most wonderful time of the year! It will be a holiday to remember when everyone parties like they’ve just gotten away with the crime of the century!

No matter the occasion, hosting a murder mystery party with The Murder Mystery Company for your upcoming event promises to be a killer time. Solve a case with your closest friends and family for a unique spin on any traditional party. Start planning your next mystery party today!